“Takin' Our Time” (Hotsak), recorded in Berlin, Germany by the duo of Will Jacobs & Marcos Coll. It's good. Really, really good.”  –– BluesBytes

“Just the real deal from beginning to end, just like the concept of the album “Takin’ Our Time”, a Real Deal! “  –– IndiePulse

"The pair generate that special excitement that we come to expect from seasoned veterans. Then you realize that as young as they are Jacobs and Coll are experienced. Expect to love this one. You will.."  –– Making A Scene

“All of you who love this genre of music just do not hesitate to get the album "Takin 'Our Time" by Will Jacobs and Marcos Coll as soon as possible and let them have their interaction and powerful "blue furka" their own. Believe me, you won't regret it! ̈ –– Sound Guardian

"If several passages betray Jacobs' clear Chicago origins -- understood as stylistic, as well as geographic connections -- even if appropriately brought to the present day, the initial "It Ain't Safe", an old piece by ZZHill originating from George Jackson, like the new "CJs Bounce", with his reminiscences a-la-James Brown remind us, however, how much this brilliant boy has dedicated part of his musical past also to funk and soul. In addition to being a guitarist, multi-instrumentalist (to the point of playing, here and with incisiveness, even bass and drums), the record is a concentrate of good vibrational energies and plenty of space for the dynamic, imaginative solos of the two." -- GR  Maculae Blues

“A joyous hoot of harmonica based Blues” –– Music News

"Thank heavens we have talented musicians like Will Jacobs & Marcos Coll to bring great music to the 21st Century! Traditional blues sounds combined with this band's flair for originality!”   ––Dave Johnson, host of the nationally-syndicated Blues Deluxe radio program

"The album starts off with a sweet guitar intro on It Ain’t Safe, followed by well-toned vocals and Marcos Coll’s harp. It’s obvious within a few notes that somebody on this record is a ringer. The person singing and playing guitar has been dipped in the river of the blues. He has been anointed by the blues gods that went before him to make the sweetest sounds imaginable. There is an honesty in Will Jacobs’ approach that tells he is the genuine article, no matter where he lives. To the best of my knowledge, this is the first time they have teamed up to record, and Takin’ Our Time is worth the wait. It’s not a long album, only nine songs, but it is definitely a case of quality over quantity. It may be tricky to find this one, I don’t know, but it’s worth the search if you like that delicious Chicago sound." ––  ProfessorJohnnysBlogspot - EuropeanBlues

"....Will Jacobs might seem like one of so many American Blues musicians who saturate in Europe in a circumstantial way looking for fortune and that they turn promptly into the many circuits and festivals that proliferate throughout the old continent. We could think that only coming from Chicago the work would be practically done. We would imagine an old black musician with a few decades of experience as a guarantee behind their backs, taking advantage of the opportunities that Europe always dispenses with such Blues musicians. We could not be more wrong, the surprise comes when that American Blues musician is settled in Berlin, he is 26 years old, has been developing his career since he was 12, he is white, multi-instrumentalist and in case he was little associated with someone of the size by Marcos Coll. Founder of the legendary Los Reyes del KO, a collaborator in innumerable projects in which he has always been surrounded by top-notch artists at the beginning with Tonky de la Peña, until his recent work with guitarist and singer Stefano Ronchi. In short, someone who has become an international benchmark for many years, such as harmonicists and incombustible musicians..."   –– Gaztelupeko Hotsak press release

"Will Jacobs is a multi-instrumentalist who has been developing his career since the age of 12, and that mileage shows in a really good way. These blues sound lived in, like part of the long running Delta tradition. The ecstatic slide work on Stranded over a greasy blues groove is just what the doctor ordered, and Will’s soulful vocals, not unlike early Robert Cray, are almost clean in comparison. Tales of romance and infidelity are well represented here as you would expect with the blues- perhaps not as inventive as the musicianship, but appropo nonetheless. Takin’ Our Time was recorded in Berlin with Marcos Coll on harmonica and Will Jacobs on everything else, recorded and mixed by Stephano Ronchi. This disc has great atmosphere and ambience, as if it were recorded in the late 60’s instead of earlier this year. Old style blues with just a bit of funk- not a bad way to go."   The Rock Doctor, John Kereiff