"Chicago blues rocker Will Jacobs tells us about one of his songs that has become a fan favorite called "Runaway".

LINK TO THE STORY HERE:   –– AntiMusic, "Singled-Out" 1/31/2019


“Jacobs keeps in touch with his audience, speaks to it and got enthusiastic shouts back. ... It is admirable at all, with which empathy the young man acts on stage. Not only does the voice and guitar kidnap into the deepest blues regions of at least Detroit and Alabama, he also manages to put his players in the limelight without feeling like he's doing it because it just has to be that way , In the team, you can feel it, it fits. ...With the encore "Mojo workin", there was barely a listener in his seat, it was danced and clapped. The guests experienced an evening of blues, jazz and "R & B" of the extra class.” 

–– Anja Vorndran, MainPost Germany (Oct 23, 2018)


"Und dann war da natürlich noch Will Jacobs, die Überraschung des Abends. Jacobs, ein Junge aus Chicago. Er sieht aus wie Robert Pattinson (für die, die nichts mit Vampirfilmen anfangen können: Das ist das Model aus der Twilight-Saga) und spielt den Blues wie einer der ganz Alten, lässt sich auch von einer gerissenen Saite im Solo nicht beeindrucken. Woher der Rotz kommt, den er in seine Stimme packt, bleibt unbeantwortet. " (TRANSLATION - And of course there was Will Jacobs, the surprise of the evening. Jacobs, a boy from Chicago looks like Robert Pattinson (for those who can not do anything with vampire films: that is the model from the Twilight saga) and plays the blues like one of the very old, can not be impressed by a torn string in the solo. Where the snot comes from, which he grabs in his voice, remains unanswered.)

–– 10/14/17

"This band is electrifying and their skill level is way beyond their years....I have often wondered where the blues genre is headed. A lot of the Chicago blues veterans are getting up there in years. I did not think that any younger pickers could rise to the level of these blues masters, man was I wrong.”  –– American Blues News, January, 2010

"A very talented young man that plays with a passion beyond his years. Will is one of those artists that captures an audience from the beginning and keeps them hooked til the last note."    

– 27Live, July 2013

"Your music was a big hit at our event. Thanks for being a part of our 50th Anniversary celebration!"

– Crate & Barrel Corporation, Nov. 2012

"Still in awe. @WillJacobsBand totally blew the doors off the @mcachicago to close out #Cusp2012."
– Twitter/CuspConference, Sept. 2012

"A husky deep voice was coming from the stage on a sultry Chicago summer night. It was Will Jacobs and his band the Dirty Deal rocking the stage. He was singing the blues and playing his guitar like he’d been doing it for years and he's only eighteen years old. If you ever get a chance to hear this Will Jacobs sing and play guitar take it, you won't regret it....Jacobs is electrifying..."
– HubPages, July, 2011

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